Bitdefender - Reviewed & Compared

The Good

The most impressive thing about BitDefender is the wide array of protection options. In short, they have everything you need for total security, and even go as far as having a microphone monitor, which I don’t see many others advertising. The whole “your phone is listening to you” has always made me wonder, so to see an antivirus company taking this seriously is important.

But yes, the options are many – you can get virus/malware/ransomware/etc. type protection, and if you wish, add in a firewall and VPN for total security.

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The Bad

There are a lot of different packages and options, so beginners could get a little confused. I say go for the packages that have everything you need under one suite.


They’ve been around for awhile, so I feel good about them. Truthfully, any company that has at least five years under their belt is A-ok for me when it comes to computer security, and BitDefender meets that criteria.


  • A superb amount of security and anti-virus options for all your devices - PC/MAC/iOS/Android.
  • I love that they have a microphone monitor. You’ll love it too.
  • Great interface, no matter what device you use. You’ll have no trouble using this. .
  • Multiple device packages for a great price.
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Our Final Verdict: 9.2/10

BitDefender has quite the selection of options and packages, making them a great choice for all devices. Microphone monitor is cool and long overdue – glad someone is paying attention!

  • Company Reputation: 90%
  • Product Features: 98%
  • Value for Money: 98%
  • Ease of Use: 93%