McAfee - Reviewed & Compared

The Good

While newer anti-virus companies have come in with low pricing, industry giant McAfee has upped their game in a big way. They now offer a $24.99 first-year option, which is in line with the cheaper companies. But you’re getting McAfee for that price, one of the best. Most complete antivirus names in the business. They have a tremendous amount of features, and a slick package that’s effective and easy to use.

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The Bad

The program does more, so it takes more resources, which could be an issue on old PC’s. Also, the $24.99 option is only for the first year – after that, it’s $59.99.


Stellar. You could argue that they are the #2 name in the business, and are backed by Intel – you’ve heard of them, right? I totally trust McAfee to be on top of any new virus threat within hours.


  • Great introductory pricing.
  • One level of protection, but it’s right up there with other “top” packages.
  • Like others, is compatible with all devices - PC/MAC/iOS/Android.
  • One of the best names in the business makes consumers feel secure.
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Our Final Verdict: 8.810

I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw that low price. Yes, it’s for one year, but you’re getting first rate virus protection. McAfee is one of the best names in the business, and at this introductory price, makes a lot of sense for consumers.

  • Company Reputation: 95%
  • Product Features: 95%
  • Value for Money: 95%
  • Ease of Use: 90%