PC Protect - Reviewed & Compared

The Good

PC Protect joins other recent entrants into the antivirus protection world, and offers a solid suite of antivirus and similar features for a good price. Their application has several different levels of protection, for varying price points. But for the budget conscious, the $24.95 "essential" option is a good value for virus/malware/Trojan protection.

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The Bad

Like many of the other new entrants, we don't know much about the company. I'd like to see more information on the site and in other internet buzz. But that's likely because they are new, and since they are basing their value on price and features, and not reputation, we can forgive that a little.


Again, similar to other new companies, there is no real reputation. This is important to some antivirus customers, while others couldn't care less. If you are in the latter group, the price more than makes up for it.


  • Solid pricing, especially on the "essential" option.
  • Lots of features for higher levels.
  • Compatible with all devices - PC/MAC/iOS/Android.
  • The dashboard/UI is colorful and intuitive.
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Our Final Verdict: 9.3/10

I'd like to see a higher reputation and some "about" info, but other than that, PC Protect offers virus scanning and protection at an affordable price.

  • Company Reputation: 50%
  • Product Features: 80%
  • Value for Money: 85%
  • Ease of Use: 85%