ScanGuard - Reviewed & Compared

The Good

ScanGuard is a newer Antivirus product, and one that is really pushing price as its biggest plus. Their "essential" version is a good value at $24.95 (which they claim is a 75% discount off the $99.95 regular price, although part of me doubts that higher price is ever offered.) Their highest level covers all of the AV components you'd expect, and is a good value at $59.95.

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The Bad

I'd like to see a little more company information on their website, as reputation is important to some virus scan consumers. The company does a fine job of extolling their features and offerings, however, and the rest of the information you'd expect (support/etc.) is there.


As mentioned earlier, there's little company information. Plus, a reputation takes time, so I can't rate them as highly as other longer term companies in this area.


  • Good Pricing.
  • Plenty of Features.
  • Compatible With PC/MAC/iOS/Android.
  • Attractive, Easy to Use Dashboard / UI
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Our Final Verdict: 9/10

The company reputation could be more prolific, and they could put a little about themselves on their website, but if you are counting pennies, ScanGuard presents a good value for the money.

  • Company Reputation: 80%
  • Product Features: 80%
  • Value for Money: 90%
  • Ease of Use: 85%