Board Kings - Reviewed & Compared


There’s nothing like a good board game, right? And Board Kings is one of the best I have ever played. This awesome app is free in the App Store and Google Play, and it’s changing the way we look at smartphone gaming.

At its heart, Board Kings is a classic board game, with all kinds of social and modern gaming features built in. There are seemingly endless themes and “boards” to play, each with a unique look and feel.

Gameplay centers on classic board game tropes like dice rolling and moving around the board. But then there’s a fun, easy-to-grasp-yet-strategic city building aspect to it. Then there’s minigames where you can win more coins, police cars, etc. And yes, you can visit friends’ boards, and even steal from them. Cool!

This Game is Great to Look At

One aspect I loved is the look of Board Kings. It’s absolutely gorgeous, with a fun cartoon look that really pulls you in. The colors and different shapes and pieces really bring a level of charm to smartphone gaming that, quite frankly, I don’t see enough of. I would play this game just to look at – it’s that good.

And It’s Mad Fun (with Bunnies!)

Your “board” that you build up is your town, and it’s populated by… bunnies! It’s awesome to see them hopping around your town as you go about collecting and winning. There are minigames, fun ways to earn more coins and dice rolls, and an addicting collection aspect that had me coming back for more. All in all, this is good, clean fun for all ages. I’m an adult, and I loved this game.

The Final Verdict: 9.6/10

If you like board games in any fashion, then Board Kings should be an instant download for you. Add in that it’s free, and you can’t go wrong. Check it out today!

  • Graphics: 99%
  • Ease of Play: 93%
  • Sound: 93%
  • Fun Factor: 95%
  • Cost: FREE