Pirate Kings - Reviewed & Compared


Ok, who out there secretly wants to be a pirate, at least for one day? Cruising the high seas, plundering treasure, stealing your friend’s gold… yea, we thought so.

Pirate Kings is a free smartphone game that calls out to our inner-pirate. It’s probably the easiest “pick up and play” game I have ever tried, but there’s also a super-fun level of depth here that keeps me coming back for more. Plus, I got to take my friends gold, and no, I’m not giving it back!

Easy to Learn (and Fun) Gameplay

The best part of Pirate Kings is the simplicity of gameplay, combined with really fun (and strategic) minigames, and the sheer joy of winning tons of coins.

The core gameplay revolves around spinning the prize wheel, where you can win coins, attack, defend, etc. Depending on what you get, you can be transported to a minigame where you attack a friend’s island, steal from them, or other fun situations.

There’s also a building aspect for people who like that – build up your islands, defenses, ships, and more. Oh, the collectable cards too. So there’s something for everyone. If you like coins and free spins, Pirate Kings is for you. If you like attack or defense, Pirate Kings is for you. If you like playing with friends, Pirate Kings is for you.

Let’s face it, if you like mobile games at all, Pirate Kings should be downloaded for free.

A Super Fun Game That Looks Great

I really enjoyed my time playing Pirate Kings. It’s a game unlike any other, and a little hard to define. Is it a strategy game? Is it a wheel spinning/win coins game? Is it a collecting and building game? Does it have super nice graphics and sounds? Is it easy to play?

The answer to all of those is “YES”. Plus it’s free, making downloading it a no-brainer.

The Final Verdict: 9.9/10

Easily my favorite game this month, Pirate Kings should be on everyone’s phone and tablet. It’s just that much fun. Get it today!

  • Graphics: 97%
  • Ease of Play: 99%
  • Sound: 93%
  • Fun Factor: 99%
  • Cost: FREE