Merge Tower Bots - Reviewed & Compared


Sometimes, we want a smartphone game that’s simple, fun, and relaxing. Sure, a challenge is ok, but we don’t want stress either. And for that feeling, there is no better game than Merge Tower Bots by the mobile game experts at Hyper Mania.

Merge Tower Bots is a free to download, free to play smartphone app that is the ideal game to play when you want to relax. It’s easy to learn, easy to play, gives you just enough challenge to keep you engage, but never ever becomes frustrating. I loved every second I played.

The Most Relaxing Game Ever

The core gameplay of Merge Tower Bots combines three different styles of game – Tower Defense, Idle Games, and Merge Games. And it does so brilliantly.

The tower defense is excellent, letting you build towers and robots to protect what’s yours. The feeling of a strong set of towers is undeniably satisfying, making you think “yea, come get some…” to the enemy.

But the magic of the game is how it combines tower defense with match and merge type gameplay, allowing you to upgrade your robots. You earn funds as you play, and it’s really fun to choose your upgrades. Lastly, the game is simple, without complex boards. This allows it to feel familiar every time you play, and lets you dive right in.

Charming, Fun, and Free – What’s Not to Like?

This is a game that will stay on my phone for a long time. That’s because it’s so relaxing, I can see going to it time and time again when I need to de-stress. Yes, some other games have more complex systems and rules, and there’s a place for those. But for sheer tower defense delight, you can do no better than Merge Tower Bots.

The Final Verdict: 9.5/10

Trust me – check this game out. I bet it’ll still be on your phone a year from now!

  • Graphics: 96%
  • Ease of Play: 99%
  • Sound: 97%
  • Fun Factor: 99%
  • Cost: FREE