Allstate - Reviewed & Compared

You may not know this, but Allstate was founded in 1931 as part of the Sears Roebuck and Co. So they have been around a long time, and are firmly entrenched in America’s fabric. But it also helps that they are the largest publicly held insurer in the US, and have one of the best track records around. .

What Allstate Does Best

Allstate does everything first rate. While they have online quotes in most states, they have local agents everywhere. Because many people would rather talk to someone when they are insuring something as important as their home.

Allstate is also king of the discount – they offer big discounts for bundling, for non-claims, for safety equipment, and more. Their rates are good, but the discounts make them superb.

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Types of Coverages Offered

Everything you expect, and then some. Of course, fire, theft, damage, liability, personal property… all there. Even things like service lines and guest medical coverage are there – like we mentioned, they have been around forever, so they have this down pat.

Any Negatives?

They don’t have online quotes in every state. They make up for that by having local agents in all states (you’re probably less than a few miles from one right now.)

What Others Are Saying

4.5/5 on nerdwallet. 4/5 at US News. But we really love the hundreds of local agent reviews, most in the 4.7/5 or higher range.

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Our Final Verdict: 9.6/10

Probably the biggest name in insurance, Allstate puts an emphasis on great coverage and a personal touch, with local agents in every corner of the country. They have earned their place at the top.

  • The largest publicly held insurer in the USA – you can trust them to be there for you.
  • They have a fantastic website, but we really like the live local agents.
  • The best discounts – up to 25% for bundling.