Home Security Companies Battle It Out:

Today’s world isn’t like the one we grew up in, is it? Truth is, it can be a little scary in terms of home security. Fortunately, technology has made it easier to protect your home and family, with cutting edge wireless alarm systems, cameras, 24x7x365 monitoring, etc.

But which home security company to choose? There are many options – cost, technology, DIY vs installed, monitoring – the choices are dizzying.

We’ve done the hard work for you – here are our top picks for home security:



There’s no good way to compare costs with these companies, because some offer installation, some are DIY, some offer self-monitoring, etc. – it’s never truly apples to apples. Protect America had the cheapest advertised monitoring rate at $19.99, ADT has an advertised rate of $27.99, where Vivint comes in at $39.99. But again, these rates can change based on your equipment and level of service.

Winners: Everyone and no one.

Company Reputation and Visibility:

This is very important, because your yard sign and window stickers should help deter criminals. But these days, your local hardware store sells signs stickers (and criminals shop there too). So we’re going with ADT here. Everyone knows the ADT sign and logo – they advertise heavily, and they’ve been around forever. An ADT sign (which you can only get with an ADT system) means something to the bad guys.

Installation vs DIY:

Get Safe and Protect America are DIY only. Frontpoint is DIY with live help walking you through installation (we like that!) ADT and Vivint are full, professional installation.

Monitoring and Apps:

All of the companies offered monitoring, and all offered app control. They all also offered a cellular option (so cutting your phone or cable line won’t keep the system from alerting the monitoring station). Get Safe was the only company to offer a self-monitoring option.

Website Information

Out of all the landing pages and websites, ADT and Frontpoint had the best presentation, and the easiest way to see the different plans and options. But to be fair, none of the sites were bad in any way.


For intangibles, I’m going to say “which company made me feel the most secure?”. On that front, I have to pick ADT. It’s a combination of them being so visible, around forever, and offering installation – no other company has all three of those.


All of these companies have merit. Tallying up the preceding, it looks like ADT and Vivint come out ahead, but your needs may dictate another company (maybe you want DIY and the lowest rate – in that case, Protect America or Get Safe might be the best choice).

We hope you enjoyed this comparison, and find the best home security company for you.