AmericanHomeShield - Reviewed & Compared

American Home Shield has been in business for more than 45 years, making them the oldest home warranty company around. This longevity means they have the trust of consumers, and the experience to offer some truly unique coverages.

Overview of Coverages and Costs

American Home Shield is very flexible, allowing a wide variety of plans at different costs. So if you have a small home and just want emergency systems coverage, you can largely do that. And if you want tons of systems and items covered, you can do that too. This flexibility allows them to offer strong pricing, as you pay for what you want, without a lot of extras.

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Positives of American Home Shield

  • No pre-policy inspection required.
  • 15,000 contractors, plus the ability to choose your own in some cases.
  • All manner of systems and options covered.
  • 24 hour claim service, and an excellent website.
  • 45+ years experience.

Any Negatives

You may not be able to use your own contractor, depending on details. Also, some consumers may get confused by the array of options.

What Others Are Saying

4.5 stars on Google, which is excellent.

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Our Final Verdict: 0.0/10

The biggest and most respected name in our list, American Home Shield offers an excellent home warranty service that covers all of the bases.

  • Solid Limits, and No Annual Payout Caps
  • The Most Flexible Plans and Options
  • Cost is Low, Especially on Smaller Plans