John Hancock - Reviewed & Compared


John Hancock, like its namesake’s signature implies, is a trusted, prolific leader in the insurance industry. In business since 1862, they have been protecting generations of American families, and are as rock solid as an insurance company can be.

The Good

What can you say about an American icon? John Hancock means insurance to millions of people, and with good reason: they offer a wide range of term life policies, and are known for their excellent rates.

They are also known for excellent service. You can use their online quote form, or call and talk to someone, which is always reassuring. And when it comes time for your insurance company to stand with you, you can count on John Hancock.

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The Bad

I can’t find anything not to like. Maybe if you’re a history buff and have a problem with the largest signature on the Declaration of Independence… wow, that’s really reaching. Nothing bad here.

What to Expect

  • A long standing company since 1862.
  • Great rates on term (and other) policies.
  • As little as $23 a month for $500k in coverage.
  • Easy “one simple page” quote form.
  • A+ BBB Rating.
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Our Final Verdict: 8.6/10

Like their namesake, John Hancock is a trusted, visionary leader and a formidable name in the insurance industry. Definitely check them out.

  • In business since 1862
  • Fantastic rates on term life policies
  • Easy quote form gets you the information you need quickly