Mutual of Omaha - Reviewed & Compared


A name synonymous with ruggedness and overcoming odds, Mutual of Omaha is a trusted, long standing name in the insurance industry (as well as a nature TV pioneer!) They offer every type of insurance imaginable, and are noted for their excellent whole life rates.

The Good

Mutual of Omaha does it all – provide great insurance and financial services for more than a century, and also be a television pioneer. But we’re here to talk about insurance, and in that vein, they are first rate.

Mutual of Omaha offers all manner of insurance products, but of note are their excellent rates and guaranteed coverage on Whole Life. Many people prefer Whole Life coverage, and Mutual of Omaha truly delivers.

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The Bad

There’s not much negative to say. Maybe the fact that they haven’t been in business as long as some competitors, but once you hit 100 years (like Mutual of Omaha has), that should be irrelevant.

What to Expect

  • An industry leader since 1909.
  • Whole Life policies from $8.80 a month.
  • All kinds of coverages (term, etc.)
  • A quote form that’s easy and straightforward.
  • A+ BBB Rating.
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Our Final Verdict: 9.2/10

Mutual of Omaha is an exceptional insurance company offering all manner of life insurance policies, including excellent Whole Life options.

  • In business since 1909
  • Unbeatable rates on Whole Life policies
  • Easy to apply, and guaranteed coverage until age 85