Bay Alarm Medical - Reviewed & Compared

Bay Alarm Medical was founded in 1947, obviously before cellular medical alerts existed. The company has seamlessly shifted from their founding to become one of the leading medical alert providers in the US. With some of the best tech available, excellent pricing, and a smartwatch your loved one will really take to, we think they are a great choice.

What Bay Alarm Medical Does Best

It starts with the devices and the monitoring. Bay Alarm Medical has alert devices for home and on the go, and their emergency operators are some of the best in the industry. One thing that we really liked was the smartwatch – Bay Alarm Medical understands their customer, so instead of a cellular smartwatch that’s complicated, theirs has hour and minute hands (which seniors love), and a simple “SOS” button that can get immediate help.

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Features and Pricing

  • Some of the best devices whether your loved one is at home or on the go.
  • US based monitoring with highly trained operators.
  • We love the watch with hour and minute hands. Seniors are more comfortable with this.
  • In-car monitoring device with crash detection. Smart!
  • Superb website. It goes over everything.
  • Pricing starts at $19.95 a month, with a 30-day risk free trial.

Any Negatives

Other company’s home devices have a slightly longer range. Bay Alarm Medical’s is 1,000 feet, which we honestly feel is very adequate.

What Others Are Saying

4.7/5 on more than 5000 Google reviews. We like Google reviews a lot.

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Bottom Line: 9.2/10

Combining the best medical alert tech with a solid, stable company history, Bay Alarm Medical is the cream of the crop. Great prices and a plethora of excellent reviews complete the package.

  • Superb alert devices, including a smart watch with an “SOS” button that makes getting help simple
  • US based monitoring with highly-trained emergency operators
  • Surprisingly affordable pricing for such an established company and advanced tech