MobileHelp - Reviewed & Compared

One of the roadblocks to getting a medical alert for a loved one is the contract. Many providers will require a long-term commitment. MobileHelp eliminates this by having no long-term contracts, and no hidden fees as well. Combine this straightforward business practice with great equipment and protection both in the home and on the go, and you have a medical alert service worth checking out.

What MobileHelp Does Best

They understand today’s consumer, and also that everyone’s needs are different. They eschew long-term contracts, which makes them very easy to do business with. Then they offer a wide range of easy-to-use protection and alert devices that satisfy virtually every need. They even have a Mobile Help Duo bundle that combines home and away protection, making it simple to get complete peace of mind protection for the senior that isn’t going to stay home.

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Features and Pricing

  • Great cellular / GPS-enabled devices that seniors can easily use, whether at home or on the go. Equipment is free.
  • US-based monitoring on both coasts gives peace of mind.
  • Can be setup in minutes – we liked how easy the devices are to use.
  • Excellent pricing that starts around $20 a month, with a 30-day risk-free trial.
  • No long-term contracts. We love this.
  • 5-year battery life on devices.

Any Negatives

We wish they had a smartwatch. But they do have mobile devices (including a neat pendant).

What Others Are Saying

A+ BBB Rating should alleviate any worries.

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Bottom Line: 9.5/10

The absence of a long-term contract along with some nice equipment and solid pricing makes MobileHelp an excellent medical alert option for your loved one.

  • Excellent, easy-to-use devices protect seniors in their homes and on the go
  • Trained US Based monitoring professionals give peace of mind
  • Excellent pricing, and no long-term contracts