Guaranteed Rate - Reviewed & Compared


Guaranteed Rate ( is “America’s Fastest Growing Mortgage Lender”™, and with good reason – they offer an online digital mortgage service, excellent tools and information and back it with 170 brick and mortar locations.

Company Overview

In business since 2000, Guaranteed Rate rode the wave of digital commerce and gave mortgage borrowers a better way to compare rates and secure a mortgage. Today, they are at the forefront of mortgages, with both a strong online presence, and 170 locations nationwide.

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What Guaranteed Rate Does Best

They have tons of mortgages at great rates. The online application process is seamless, but if you prefer to call or sit face to face, they can accommodate you as well. That’s a nice synergy. They also have exceptional tools and information, and you can even get your credit scores through them, which is a nice plus.

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Any Negatives?

I can’t find anything to dislike. Maybe they are not as prolific in advertising and name recognition as some others, but otherwise, this is a first class mortgage lender.

What Others Are Saying

They have one the better customer satisfaction ratings as compiled by NPS scores, and have won numerous awards. People like them – it’s that simple.

Our Final Verdict: 8.6/10

I like them a lot. Guaranteed is the best of all worlds – they have excellent rates, a robust online mortgage service, and 170 physical locations across all 50 states. Check them out.

  • Excellent rates on all types of mortgages
  • Great online application, plus 170 physical locations
  • Free credit scores and other tools
  • “America’s Fastest Growing Mortgage Lender”™