Silver Singles - Reviewed & Compared


The cool part about online dating is you can really hone down what you are looking for in a potential dating partner. Silver Singles takes that to another level by providing mature singles a place to look for other mature singles. They specialize in single people 40+, with the majority being over 50.

The Good

Silver Singles is for mature adults. This isn’t a place to hook up at the bar for a night of partying until dawn - this is a place for older singles to find others closer to their own age. Because when you reach a certain age, things like partying and a shiny, flawless wrapper aren’t as important as what is inside. Silver Singles knows this, and presents a dating site that is decidedly “not 20-something”.

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The Bad

I couldn’t find much to knock. Maybe the only thing is if you are looking for someone younger, Silver Singles isn’t for you (so sorry midlife crisis guys who want a 23 year old skinny blonde model in the passenger seat of your Corvette.)


Costs are reasonable, starting at a low of $9.99 a month for a six month commitment. As always with dating websites, prices and special offerings are subject to change. But yes, Silver Singles is a good value.


  • Perfect for singles 40 years old and up.
  • Simple to use website with good search parameters.
  • Also has an app.
  • Good value for the money.
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Our Final Verdict: 9.8/10

Silver Singles successfully does what you expect it to do – give older singles a place to meet others their own age. If you’re looking for a more mature demographic in online dating, then Silver Singles is worth a look.

  • A “Mature Dating” website that specializes in singles 40+
  • Good profiles and match parameters make searching easy
  • Solid user base ensures good matches in your area