Zoosk - Reviewed & Compared


In business more than ten years, Zoosk represents an evolution in online dating. They combine many of the features of old-style dating sites with a world-class app, and they have an approach that lets users of all ages quickly rate pictures and profiles, thus better learning their preferences.

The Good

Zoosk looks to figure out your preferences, and better focus on what you like. Of course, you can search with parameters (nonsmoker, likes kids, etc.), but they are unique in that they will show you one profile at a time, and you can like or not like it. This lets them better target your preferences, and also allows you to better focus on one person, instead of a grid of pictures.

Zoosk was the only site that confirmed my e-mail before they let me in, and they ask members to take a “video selfie” to better confirm their appearance (optional, but recommended).

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The Bad

Maybe I would have liked some deeper profiles, but that’s a tiny thing.


You can join and browse for free, but like all dating sites, any interaction requires payment. Cost is 3 months for $59.95, or 6 months for $74.95.


  • “One at a time” is a surprisingly good way to browse.
  • Will confirm pictures with video, which makes for more honest profiles.
  • Confirmed my e-mail even on a basic account. Nice.
  • One of the best apps in the industry.
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Our Final Verdict: 8.9/10

I thought this was a great dating site for all ages. To me, Zoosk represented everything that is right with online dating, combining an old and new approach to give people the results that best match their requirements.

  • Combines traditional dating website with modern app and features
  • “Learns” your likes and dislikes to give better matches
  • Shows you one person at a time, which allows users to better focus