ProtectAmerica - Reviewed & Compared


Protect America offers monitored wireless security systems that are fully featured, yet offer the cost savings of a DIY approach. They also offer one of the lowest monitoring rates we’ve seen on their lower tier package (and competitive rates on better systems). Let’s see how they stack up:

The Good

One thing that pleased this reviewer right away was some up-front pricing, starting at $19.99 a month. That’s pretty low in this industry. And even though it’s a DIY security system, Protect America can walk you through the installation via phone, which is pretty good for customers who feel intimidated in setting up a security system.

Once you move on from the lower price point, the company offers a wide array of security devices, like monitored smoke alarms, cameras, and more. Simple app controls, cellular options, and touchscreens complete the company’s offerings, making this a well-rounded security system.

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The Bad

A few… the low price vanishes once you get past the basics. They also don’t have the greatest BBB rating, coming in at only a B. Last, I feel that with only four window stickers and one lawn sign offered in their plans, the company is a bit cheap there. How much can stickers really cost?

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What to Expect

  • A low price, especially if your needs are very basic.
  • Options include cameras, smoke detectors, and more.
  • Phone help for DIY installation.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring. Cellular is an option.
  • App and touchscreen control.

Our Final Verdict: 9.0/10

Protect America is worthy of checking out in your alarm company comparison shopping (but I would press them for more stickers if I chose them). They check all the boxes, and the price points of Protect America are solid, especially if you want a little help with a DIY system.

  • Wireless monitored security system at affordable prices.
  • Offers phone help for the DIY installation.
  • Wide variety of options.