Antivirus Software Sites Battle It Out

Every computer needs some kind of antivirus protection. But there are different companies, all with different strengths and features. To help in your search for the best antivirus program, we’ve pitted the top companies against each other.



For many people, they want a basic antivirus option at a low cost. Total AV is actually FREE to start.

Winner: TotalAV


The reputation of an anitvirus program is very important to many users. Both Norton and PCProtect have been around forever, with Norton leading the way.

Winner: Norton


All of these programs have the features you expect – AV / Malware / Spyware / etc. That said, I found TotalAV to be the most inclusive over all of their versions, with PCProtect a close second.

Winner: TotalAV


They all have a decent interface, with large buttons and clear instructions. But overall, I liked Norton’s the best – it seemed to give me everything I need on the first screen, with clear options where to go for what function.

Winner: Norton


No winner for this one – PCProtect seems to be the fastest (always good), but also didn’t play nice with my other malware program (probably because they are a newer company). Norton updated constantly, but used more PC resources and power, meaning older PC’s might not benefit as much from them.

Winner: No clear winner


Every program here will protect you from basic viruses and malware/ransomware. That said, your decision will depend on how protected you want to be, how much the company’s reputation matters, and how much money that’s worth to you. To give an example, some people feel ok with a regular door lock. Others want a deadbolt. And still others buy a home alarm. None are wrong.

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