CuraDebt - Reviewed & Compared


Curadebt looks to help consumers in debt by giving them a myriad of options and support as they navigate the world of debt settlement. Can they stand with the leaders in the debt relief industry? Let’s find out:

Company Overview

Curadebt presents consumers with an all-encompassing approach to debt relief, offering information and help to people who need it. I was impressed with the information on their website, and also with how enthusiastic their customer base seemed.

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What CuraDebt Debt Relief Does Best

They seem to understand what it is consumers want. They offer a ton of information, allowing consumers to do their research and understand their options, and then help them choose the path that’s best for them. They also handle all manner of debt – credit card debt, tax debt, medical debt, etc.

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Any Negatives?

None, really. Ok, I didn’t like the popup on the website, but almost everyone does this, so I won’t harp too much on it. I’d like to see a BBB rating along with their other ratings, too.

What Others Are Saying

Curadebt really shines here. Their reviews from customers are very high, across a myriad of rating and review services. Even on the BBB site (where they have no rating), the written consumer reviews are good.

Our Final Verdict: 0/10

I really liked Curadebt. From the information presented to handling all kinds of debt to great reviews, Curadebt checks all of the boxes in terms of debt relief, and should be near the top of your list.

  • Is a debt relief service, and not an aggregator
  • Works directly with consumers to relieve debt
  • Excellent, informative website that spells out all of the options
  • The best customer reviews in the industry