National Debt Relief - Reviewed & Compared


For consumers in debt, the debt relief options are many. Companies (many with similar-sounding names) all compete for eyeballs and consumer interest. In this space we find National Debt Relief, who offers consumers a proven strategy to get out of debt. Are they worth your time in this crowded industry? Read my review and find out:

Company Overview

National Debt Relief has been in business since 2009, and has "Debt Relief You Can Trust" as their company tagline. And indeed, trust seems to be what they are going after, which is a solid angle in this industry. They also emphasize speed and peace of mind, with the statement "You're 30 seconds from debt relief" prominently displayed on many action buttons.

Their signature service is a debt-relief strategy where a managed account is used to pay creditors after a negotiated settlement. National Debt Relief drives the negotiation and settlement process, and as a result, most consumers can expect their debt to be cleared within 24-48 months, while also avoiding damaging bankruptcy.

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What National Debt Relief Does Best

They make it easy to contact them and get started. They have an 800# right at the top of their main website, and many pages have an easy form to fill out to get started. They are also fairly prominent with videos, having a few on their site, which is a boon to people who'd rather watch than read.

But speaking of reading, they do have a lot of information, with the main pages having a bevy of links and a lot of sections with headings like "Mulling Bankruptcy? Mull the Consequences." The pages of the main website seem to go pretty long, as yet another section is below the one you are reading. So yes, if you are looking for some meat in your debt relief website, it's here.

Lastly, the trust factor in reviews and accolades is pretty high.

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Any Negatives?

A few things… I mentioned a lot of information, but I have to say, it's not very intuitive. The website wants you to read and read further down the page, almost like the numerous "sales pages" that were popular years ago, and that made me feel a little "pushed" as I read. I understand these websites are meant to sell a service, but National Debt Relief had more of a "sales" feeling than other sites I've reviewed. This isn't terrible (they do offer up a lot of information), but coupled with the somewhat clunky "long page" presentation, it does not come off as clean as others in the same space.

What Others Are Saying

They have an A+ BBB rating, which I always like. National Debt Relief also really stresses real reviews from sites like Trustpilot, and they also show debt settlement letters from debts settled. I like seeing the companies they settled with listed (all the big names are here.) Bottom line: I do trust this company, based on reviews and outside chatter.

Our Final Verdict: 9.6/10

National Debt Relief has a lot going for it, albeit with a somewhat sloppy presentation. I'd give them a higher score if the website was easier to use, and didn't make me feel like someone was selling me something. While the information on the website can be a little scattered, National Debt Relief is worth a visit, especially given their high level of documented customer satisfaction.

  • Their debt settlement program will have most consumers debt-free in 2-4 years
  • Large website with a lot of information
  • Solid reviews and BBB rating
  • Easy to contact, and easy to get a debt-relief quote
  • Free debt worksheets and budget calculator