eCoverage - Reviewed & Compared


Getting multiple quotes and options from leading life insurance companies is an excellent way to buy life insurance. So that’s exactly what eCoverage does. One simple form, and you get quotes from names you know, tailored to your unique needs.

The Good

Life insurance can be complicated, so right away, eCoverage’s slogan of “Insurance just got easy” resonated with me. And it really was easy.

eCoverage has one simple form, which gets you fast and free quotes from the leading life insurance providers, tailored to your unique policy needs. It’s fast, free, and secure – what’s not to like?

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The Bad

Nothing beyond you might have too many choices in policies and companies. But when is that ever a problem? Choice is good!

What to Expect

  • One easy online form gets you multiple quotes.
  • Works with names you know – Prudential, AIG, FidelityLife, etc.
  • Has licensed agents standing by to help you if needed.
  • Besides life insurance, can handle other types of insurance as well (auto, health, etc.)
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Insurance just got easy!
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Our Final Verdict: 0.0/10

With an easy online application and quotes from the best life insurance companies on the planet, eCoverage is one of the more prolific insurance services out there.

  • One simple form for multiple quotes
  • All manner of amounts and coverages
  • We like the names we see – Prudential, AIG, etc.