Ethos - Reviewed & Compared


Ethos is a newer company (backed by a much older one) that specializes in online life insurance, and easy, low cost policies aimed at today’s modern consumer. They have a great website, low rates, and a very easy “non pushy” way of doing things.

The Good

Ethos has the “online” vibe down pat. This is a company that really understands today’s busy consumers. They offer both low cost whole and term life policies, and do such online, but that’s perfect for their intended audience.

They seem new and hip, and indeed they are, but they are also backed by industry giants like Legal & General America, Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., Principal, and TruStage®. As a result they can offer the dependability off a major insurer and the convenience of a modern technology company. And they have a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot! That should make everyone feel comfortable.

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The Bad

They mainly work online, but they do have licensed agents available if needed.

What to Expect

  • A really good website that talks “to” you and not over you.
  • No Medical exams - just answer a few questions online.
  • Term life amounts that will fit any family's needs up to $2 million.
  • Fantastic rates that start as low as $9/month for $250k in coverage (T10; F; 20yo or 25yo; healthy).
  • Easy “ten minute” application process with no blood tests or medical exams necessary (just answer a few health questions).
  • Backed by an industry giant.
  • Available in all states except NY.
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Our Final Verdict: 9.9/10

Ethos is a great company for a modern world. Superb “plain English” website, easy online application, and low rates on term life policies.

  • Easy application process and great rates
  • Term policies in all common amounts
  • Love their demeanor and honesty, and being backed by Assurity is comforting