Sproutt- Reviewed & Compared


Sproutt is an online life insurance aggregator that offers term coverage in amounts of $50K all the way to $5M. What makes them different is their focus on technology and AI driven data, while being an insurer that promotes better health and well-being for great rates.

The Good

Sproutt truly rewards healthy people, and has a robust AI to factor in your lifestyle and habits (such as sleep, exercise, etc). This allows them to find you the best rates, and if you qualify, you may not require a medical exam. So if you are overall healthy, in good shape, and comfortable with getting your insurance by clicking instead of pen and paper signing, then Sproutt is tailor-made for you.

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The Bad

They are an online-only company (though an advisor is reachable by phone if you need to talk to someone), and most likely, they provide better rates for healthy people. I personally do not consider these drawbacks, but an unhealthy non-computer user might.

What to Expect

  • A great website that makes buying insurance online simple
  • Great AI-driven rates on term life policies (especially if you are healthy.)
  • No medical exam for healthy people, in most cases. You can literally buy life insurance today.
  • The backing of Guardian makes them a very safe company to work with.
  • Term policies from $50K-$5M. Something for everyone.
  • Five Star TrustPilot rating is always welcome!
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Our Final Verdict: 0/10

Sproutt uses an online model, and their AI-driven data model caters to healthier people, so the rates are truly fantastic. If you count yourself as healthy and are comfy getting coverage online, definitely check them out.

  • AI-driven data makes them the best choice for term life coverage for healthy people.
  • Easy to use website. In most cases, no medical exam if you are healthy. Term coverage from $50k-$5M
  • Backed by Guardian Insurance, so you can feel really good about this excellent company.