AmeriSave - Reviewed & Compared


I love it when a company makes things simple. And that's why AmeriSave is one of the leading mortgage lenders in the US, and has a 5-star Zillow lender rating.

Company Overview

AmeriSave is a mortgage lender and refinancing company that has taken service and simplicity to a new level. They offer all of the mortgage types you want: fixed-rate, adjustable, FHA, VA, and more. And they make it super simple to get rate and payment information and apply.

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What AmeriSave Does Best

It’s easy, and they won’t ding your credit to check rates. That’s HUGE. I really appreciate not having to give my social security number just to check rates, and AmeriSave allows me to do exactly that. They do a great job of explaining the different mortgage types, and when it’s time to apply, everything is simple and straightforward. They are also in 49 states, so that’s a huge deal.

MORE: Calculate your monthly mortgage refi payment

Any Negatives?

I wish they updated their blog a little more. Really, they have good info there.

What Others Are Saying

They are a Zillow 5-star lender. If you’re buying a home, you know Zillow. Their endorsement matters.

Our Final Verdict: 9.2/10

AmeriSave is a fantastic mortgage lender and refi specialist. They have all the loans, great rates, and have the track record people trust. Check them out.

  • One of the most prolific mortgage lenders out there. In 49 states.
  • No hard credit check to get rate information.
  • A fantastic website with all kinds of home buying and mortgage information.
  • 5-star Zillow lender. We all love Zillow, so that carries weight.