Wyndham Capital - Reviewed & Compared


Since 2001, Wyndham Capital has been a prolific online lender that uses technology to make the customer experience seamless, fast, and accurate. They’ve become a go-to source for both mortgages and refinancing, with great rates and even better service.

Company Overview

Wyndham Capital was founded in 2001 with two simple goals: to provide great customer service with the best rates and terms on mortgages and refinances. They are extremely tech focused, using every opportunity to improve operations for a better customer experience, at the lowest cost possible.

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What Wyndham Capital Does Best

You can get a refinance or mortgage your way. If you want to go the entire DIY route, and handle everything from your phone, you can (seamlessly, I might add). If you wish a dedicated loan officer to walk you through everything, you get that option as well. Or any mix of the two. They have all the loan types (FHA, VA, Jumbo, Cash Out Refi, etc.), at the best rates and terms. This is a really good company to work with.

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Any Negatives?

Like many lenders, they aren’t in every state. But they are in 40+, with more added, so it’s a good bet they can help you.

What Others Are Saying

More than 2,000 Google reviews at 4.8 stars (out of 5). That’s exceptional. Use them with confidence.

Our Final Verdict: 9.3/10

Windham Capital is everything you want in a refi / mortgage lender. All the term lengths and loan types, online options, dedicated loan officers, and fantastic rates. They check all the boxes.

  • Has all the loan types you want for your refi or mortgage.
  • One of the better lending websites out there, with all kinds of information.
  • Perfect for both DIY / online enthusiasts, and also those who would prefer a live loan officer.
  • Excellent rates and terms. Great cash out option for refi.