Zillow Home Loans - Reviewed & Compared


Zillow is one of the most trusted and prolific names in the real estate world. And while their name is almost synonymous with buying and selling a home, they’ve entered the mortgage lending and refinancing industry by introducing Zillow Home Loans in 2017.

Company Overview

Zillow.com is almost certainly one of your stops when you are buying or selling a home. And they’ve expanded their offerings by becoming a mortgage and refinancing lender by launching Zillow Home Loans in 2017, allowing them to be an “everything under one roof” provider for all things real estate.

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What Zillow Home Loans Does Best

TThey are going to provide you with a personal, dedicated loan officer who will help you through the entire mortgage / refinance process. We really liked that approach, because it helps answer questions, and also saves a lot of time. When you work with one person, nothing is lost or misunderstood. They also have fantastic rates and terms, allowing buyers and refinancers to get the exact loan they need.

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Any Negatives?

They aren’t in every state yet (close though – more than 40 at this writing, and adding more.)

What Others Are Saying

A+ BBB Rating. But really, it’s Zillow – need I say more? I love Zillow, you love Zillow, we all love Zillow.

Our Final Verdict: 9.1/10

Zillow is almost synonymous with buying and selling a home. And their Zillow Home Loans and refi service is first rate as well. We like big, trusted names, and they fit the bill.

  • Excellent refi and mortgage lender that you already know.
  • Simple to use website lets you drill right down to the loan you need.
  • Assigns you a loan officer to help you through the lending/refi process.
  • Great rates, and excellent terms to meet every lending / refi need.