Dating Sites Battle It Out:

Online dating is huge today. And why not? It's a great way to meet someone if you are single. But not all dating sites are equal – here are some of the leading online dating sites, along with our findings and reviews:



All of the sites required a membership to interact. One took it to an extreme – Elite Singles wouldn't even show pictures without a membership. We personally found Zoosk and Elite Singles to be the best value at between $50-$60 for 3 months. We should also note that Zoosk was the only one with a "try it out" one-month option.

Winners: Zoosk, Elite Singles


The more members, the more potential dates. Zoosk wins big here.

Winner: Zoosk

App Support:

All sites had an app, but most were poorly rated in the app stores. Save for Zoosk – people seem to really like it. Us too.

Winner: Zoosk


Zoosk was the only company that verified our e-mail upon signup. They also encourage you to take a video selfie so they can confirm you look like you say you do.

Winner: Zoosk


We found Zoosk the most fun to browse. EliteSingles and Silver Singles poise themselves as "serious" sites, and that's reflected in their lengthy questionnaires and cost, where Elite Singles targets age demographic.

Winner: No clear winner


Every company here will appeal to someone. Going by our tally, Zoosk lead the way, but if you want an encyclopedia questionnaire and higher cost (meaning users are more serious), EliteSingles might be your thing. Older folks might like Silver Singles best.

We hope you enjoyed this comparison, and find the love you are looking for.