Hippo Homeowner's Insurance - Reviewed & Compared

Hippo has pushed insuring your home into the modern age. Besides having a strong digital presence and way of doing things, they also offer policies with coverage that truly sync up with today’s modern homes (and will even help you modernize.)

What Hippo Does Best

The biggest takeaway we noticed (besides the coverage you expect) was their appliance and maintenance offerings, and their “smart home” focus. This ties into modern life nicely. With appliances becoming “smart” and requiring specialized service, insuring them along with your home itself is a good idea. Hippo offers enhanced coverage which can be purchased that will repair or replace anything that uses electric power, such as appliances, HVAC equipment, water heaters, TVs and more. And coverage to replace an item’s cost today, not based on the depreciated value. Hippo truly understands what modern life needs.

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Types of Coverages Offered

All of the typical coverage you want, plus the added focus on enhanced coverage to repair or replace anything that uses electric power (up to the limits of liability you select). Then there’s the smart home monitoring system, which once activated, can provide a discount on your annual premium for protecting your home against common risks like fire, water damage and theft. Hippo is pretty interesting in that they definitely offer more modern coverage than your parent’s insurance company. We really liked their coverages.

Any Negatives

They are currently only in 32 states (but launching new states every year) and do focus on the online aspect of doing business, but don’t worry you can also call them if you have questions.

What Others Are Saying

4.9 stars (out of five) on more than 2,000 verified reviews. People really seem to like them.

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Our Final Verdict: 9.5/10

Hippo offers policies perfect for today’s tech-savvy homeowners. Great coverage, enhanced electronic and appliance coverage, and discounts when you activate the smart home devices. Sweet.

  • Smart insurance for Smart Consumers (and Smart Homes!)
  • Even Offers Appliance and Maintenance Coverage.
  • Superb, simple-to-use website.