Medical Alert 101

Choosing a medical alert company is harder than it appears. We’ll give you the best companies and their features in our reviews, and also let you know what to look for.


Medical Alert 101

Choosing a medical alert company goes well beyond price. There are a host of factors consumers should consider when choosing the best medical alert for their loved ones.

In the text that follows, we’ll go over some details that consumers should consider when picking a medical alert company.

What is the Best Medical Alert Company?

Honestly, there is no singular “best” medical alert company. The best company for your loved one will be based on several factors: are they home, or on the go (or a little of both)? Would they use a smartwatch, or is a pendant better? How large are their home and yard?

In addition, budget will come into play. While most companies do not charge for the initial equipment, there will be a monthly fee. Is there a contract, and how long is the contract? Is the monitoring based in the USA? How often is the equipment replaced? These are all important, valid questions.

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Medical Alert Equipment

One aspect is the equipment your chosen medical alert provider offers. There are differences. For example, some companies have home base units that offer 1,000’ plus ranges, which is an awfully large home and yard. But it might very well be necessary if grandma lives in the country and likes to take a walk in her large yard.

Other factors are what type of communication is available. Is it cellular or Wi-Fi? We prefer cellular, as it’s more reliable, but some areas might have to use Wi-Fi-only. No sense paying for cellular if you can’t use it.

On the Go

Not every senior is homebound. There are plenty of mobile seniors who still need an alert. For example, take a senior who has a heart condition but is otherwise healthy. She goes and goes and goes – she will need some type of alert to go with her.

Most medical alert companies will have something for this, but they all won’t have the same type. Some companies will have a smartwatch that has an instant alert feature. That’s great, but what if Grandma hates smartwatches? Well, there are companies that have a pendant, and one that has an analog watch with hour and minute hands – grandma might like that much better.

So again, make sure the medical alert equipment suits your loved one’s lifestyle, activity level, and preferences regarding technology.

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Medical alert monitoring is very important. Every company we know of offers this, but make sure that the monitoring is US based, and that the people monitoring are both trained, and speak the language of your loved one.

Some medical alert companies own their own monitoring service, while others use professional monitoring companies. Honestly, which is better is unclear – if a company owns their own monitoring service, they have more control over everything: the level of service, the technology, etc. But an outside provider might have more experience and better tech and training.

In the end, as far as monitoring, we feel geography and language are the deciding factors over who owns what (because we can see merit for both.)

Fees and Contracts

Another important factor are fees and contracts. Most companies fall into a similar price point, costing between $20 and $50 a month, the level of service and what that gets you differs.

Most companies give customers the equipment for the service level they need. But how often they replace/upgrade it is different, as well as what happens if something breaks? Will it cost extra? These are all considerations you should ask them about.

Further, how long is the contract, what are the clauses in ending it? There are even some companies that don’t have a contract. But then again, with those, what happens with equipment? All valid questions you should ask your chosen provider.

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Wrapping Up

In the end, choosing a medical alert company is a big decision, but there are some excellent resources. In fact, you’re at one right now – has been the internet’s leading consumer review service for years – everything from car insurance to home refinancing to medical alerts and more, we compare and review the best of the best, so you can make the smartest, most informed decisions.