MobileHelp - Reviewed & Compared

Founded with a commitment to enhancing home safety and independence, MobileHelp offers comprehensive medical alert solutions for individuals seeking reliable emergency response services. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, MobileHelp has established itself as a trusted provider in the industry.

What MobileHelp Does Best

MobileHelp excels in providing medical alert systems without additional fees, offering a variety of devices to suit different needs and preferences. The company's smart tablet at-home system, featuring interactive features like games and medication reminders, sets it apart as a leader in user-centric design. Additionally, MobileHelp's bundled packages offer convenient solutions for households with multiple users.

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Features and Pricing

  • Great cellular / GPS-enabled devices that seniors can easily use, whether at home or on the go. Equipment is free.
  • US-based monitoring on both coasts gives peace of mind.
  • Can be setup in minutes – we liked how easy the devices are to use.
  • Excellent pricing that starts at $19.95 a month
  • No long-term contracts. We love this.

Any Negatives

While MobileHelp's range of services is impressive, some users may find the additional cost for fall detection a drawback. Additionally, the short range of some at-home systems may limit mobility for certain users. Despite these minor limitations, MobileHelp remains a strong contender in the medical alert system market.

What Others Are Saying

A+ BBB Rating should alleviate any worries.

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Bottom Line: 9.9/10

Overall, MobileHelp emerges as a reliable choice for individuals seeking comprehensive medical alert solutions. With its transparent pricing, diverse device options, and responsive customer service, MobileHelp ensures peace of mind for users and their loved ones, making it a top contender in the industry.

  • First Month Free + No Equipment Fees
  • No contract & lifetime warranty
  • Complete coverage home & away w/GPS
  • A+ Better Business Bureau Rating