Puffy - Reviewed & Compared

About the Company

When it comes to mattresses, the recent rise in online memory foam mattress companies is notable. Puffy entered this space after spending more than four years developing their patented technology, and the results are fantastic. Their multiple offerings all utilize multiple foam layers, they offer a 101-night trial, plus a lifetime warranty. Memory Foam mattresses don’t get much better than made-in-the-USA Puffy Mattresses.

Delivery, Setup, and Sleep Comfort

Let’s get one thing out of the way – these are a “bed in a box”, but with a difference. Puffy will deliver your mattress (for free), you’ll open it up, and it will expand into the thick, luxurious mattress Puffy is known for. But like I mentioned earlier, Puffy spent four years not only developing mattresses, but also looked to revolutionize the online memory foam mattress industry. Their mattresses are compressed for far less time than competitors, because they realized the mattress is better for it. And I can attest that this is a cool, comfy mattress that has made me look at memory foam mattresses in a new light. I tested a Puffy Lux with the six layers, and let me tell you, I loved every second I spent on it.

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Cost, Value, and Other Details

  • Made in the USA quality, at a strong price point. Their six-layer “Puffy Lux” model runs $1499 at this writing, and that’s in the queen size.
  • How about a lifetime warranty? Because that’s what Puffy offers.
  • 101 night trial, with free returns. You’ll love it, or your money back.
  • Delivered in a matter of days. Get a better night’s sleep this week.
  • Five, six, or seven layer mattresses. Seriously comfy (and refreshingly cool) technology.

Any Negatives

I can’t find any save that some people simply don’t like memory foam.

What Others Are Saying

15,000+ reviews, at a 4.9/5 clip. Very strong.

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Our Final Verdict: 9.8/10

Puffy stands tall in the foam mattress “bed in a box” space by offering the highest Made-in-the-USA quality, along with their unique multi-layer design. Cool, comfortable, and very affordable – that’s Puffy!

  • Made in the USA Quality at a great price
  • Their multi-layer memory foam mattresses are delivered to your door (free shipping too!)
  • 101-night trial, and a lifetime warranty. “It’s America’s Mattress”