AmOne - Reviewed & Compared


We love loan aggregators – they put several competing lenders side by side, and allow you to choose the best one. But they all have advantages, and some have disadvantages. How does AmOne stack up? Let's find out:

Company Overview

AmOne is aptly named – you go to their site, choose the type of loan you are looking for, answer a few questions, and they match you up with lenders that suit your needs. It saves time, and it saves money, as the lenders usually hit you with their best offers.

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What AmOne Does Best

They immediately direct you to choose your loan type, and begin their step-by-step process of learning your situation and details so they can match you with appropriate lenders. It's all pretty easy and intuitive, with little to get in the way. The website is clean and welcoming, but doesn't really have a lot of information besides a few articles, which may or may not appeal to borrowers. I also didn't see any tools or calculators.

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Any Negatives?

Yea, a few. Right away, prominently on the top of any page (main or landing), I see an advertising disclosure link. Now I realize every site like this needs to make disclosures, but I hate to see "fine print" stuff front and center – just gives me a bit of a negative feeling. I also don't see any prominent BBB info like most competing sites have. I did find a small BBB logo once I started the process, but it leads to a page with (apparently) the parent company name, with dates that contradict the "about" page's information. It seems like they aren't real forthcoming with "this is who we proudly are" information.

What Others Are Saying

I wish they had more prominent BBB info and reviews/etc. But they don't. They get an "incomplete" here.

Our Final Verdict: 8.9/10

I'm not loving the lack of BBB info on the website. I'm also not crazy about the prominent disclosure (especially since it's full legalese) – it's almost like a pre-emptive apology. Still, they've been around for years, and have a solid stable of lenders. In the end, it won't hurt your credit score to see what AmOne offers, which means you have nothing to lose by taking a look.

  • In business providing consumers with competing lenders since 2005
  • Name brand lenders, as well as some not so well known
  • Decent information on the main site
  • All manner of loans available, including personal loans
  • Easy, guided Q&A application process