GoDaddy - Reviewed & Compared

GoDaddy Review

GoDaddy is probably one of the biggest names in website services. They are world’s largest domain registrar, but also offer hosting, and web design services, either DIY or “we do it for you”. It’s a one stop shop where you can handle your entire web presence.

Notable Features

  • DIY web builder is solid
  • Can hire a pro to design your site if you wish
  • Lots of options, including e-commerce
  • Responsive sites look good on a phone
  • Many pricing options
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Ease of Use

GoDaddy’s DIY website builder is somewhat middle-of-the-road. There’s nothing overtly complex here, but if you want advanced options, some patience is required unless you’re really comfortable with these. You can also hire a web designer at GoDaddy, which is the easiest of all.


Several levels, which all include hosting. Ranges run from $5.99 a month to $19.99 a month, and options and features increase with price. Online stores need the $19.99 option.

Any Negatives?

The pricing is higher than some, and there is a heavy upsell at all times. Not a big deal if you can ignore it.

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Who GoDaddy is Best For

Any size business, from small to large, will feel at home here. The big key is everything is under one roof, which a lot of companies find attractive.

Our Final Verdict: 8.8/10

GoDaddy is a name you know, and besides getting a domain name, you can build and host your site there. They have a lot of options, and are worth checking out.

  • Has a Myriad of Website Services
  • DIY and Build for You Options
  • Competitive Pricing