Online Website Builders Battle it Out

Online website builders have taken the internet (and the business world) by storm, and have made it so anyone can have a beautiful, feature-rich website. They are simple to use, and require no tech skills, so both a blogger and large company with e-commerce needs can have an effective, robust website.


Five Reasons to Use an Online Website Builder

They are Easy to Use

Online website builders are a snap to use. If you can drag and drop something with a mouse, then you can build a beautiful website. Seriously, you need no design skills, and do not need to know HTML. Anyone can have a great looking website these days.

They Are Affordable

There was a time when a web designer would charge you thousands of dollars to make you a website. But no more – most online website builders have a free option, and even their more feature-rich packages are very affordable (and most include hosting).

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Tons of Features

This ease of use does not mean there aren’t powerful features. Do you want an online catalog, complete with videos, shopping cart and e-commerce features? No problem. Choose from tons of premade templates, use their art or supply your own, and away you go. From a simple blog to a full blown e-commerce site with membership/sign in features, any type of website is possible.

They Are Fast

Web designers were famous for making customers wait forever while their website was under development. But no more – with modern online website builders, you can get a fairly robust site running in an evening.

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The Extras

Most online website builders come with hosting, and you can use a custom domain name you own or bought. Photos, videos, membership areas, password sign in, secure e-commerce… today’s online website builders have it all.

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