Hibu - Reviewed & Compared

Hibu Review

In the “do it yourself” web design industry, Hibu goes in a different direction – they build your site for you. They make their mark of having all of the “all inclusive” features of competitors, with the added plus of building the site.

Notable Features

  • Hibu’s designers build a beautiful website for you
  • Your input and direction is welcome
  • Excellent features, including hosting and e-commerce options
  • All sites are built to be responsive, so they look great on phones and tablets
  • Solid pricing for what you get
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Ease of Use

Hibu is arguably the easiest to use, because what’s easier than someone else doing the design and website building for you? Not much else to say here – Hibu offers “hands off” website building.


They want to talk to you before revealing pricing. I did some digging, and found that pricing can generally run anywhere from $600 - $1600 a year. But you get everything, and really, that’s pretty reasonable to have a professional site developed. Plus, they do have a “design is free” offer currently on the table.

Any Negatives?

Pricing is higher than DIY services. No way around that, but you do get more.

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Who Hibu is Best For

Any size business can benefit from Hibu. The big key is, Hibu appeals to those who want a beautiful website built for them.

Our Final Verdict: 9.2/10

Hibu is ideal for those who want a website built for them, but don’t want to pay a web designer’s higher rates. Check them out.

  • They Build Your Site For You
  • Hosting and Other Features Are Included
  • Has Custom Pricing to Meet Your Needs