Credit Saint - Reviewed & Compared


Credit Saint is a credit restoration company that prides themselves on quick action regarding negative items on your credit report. How do they rate in this industry? Let’s find out:

Company Overview

In business since 2004, Credit Saint works with consumers to get negative and disparaging entries off of their credit reports. Items like charge offs, late payments, collections, bankruptcies, and more.

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What Credit Saint Does Best

They are fast. In fact, they note levels of aggressiveness on their three different services - medium, high, and very high. They also have something they call a “Dispute Avalanche™” which means unlimited challenges. In fact they create individual custom arguments in step with the FCRA, which would generally be an effective strategy. They also back up their speed with a 90-day money back guarantee.

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Any Negatives?

In addition to their monthly fee, there is a “first work fee” as well. But being that speed is their forte, I can see why this makes sense. I’d like to see a bit more info on the website as well.

What Others Are Saying

They have an A+ BBB Rating, which is always nice. I’d have no fear of using them.

Our Final Verdict: 0.0/10

Credit Saint is fairly aggressive in getting harmful items off of your credit report, and backs their service with a 90-day money back guarantee. Check them out.

  • Experience: In business since 2004
  • Options: 3 Service levels, plus a free consultation and a money-back guarantee
  • Cancel Anytime