The Credit People - Reviewed & Compared


Around since 2002, The Credit People bills themselves as “Credit Superheroes”. But how do they rate against longer-standing companies? Let’s find out:

Company Overview has helped people find solutions to their credit issues since 1999 and now also works to repair your credit. works to improve member’s credit scores by disputing and getting inaccurate or negative items removed, such as late payments, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and more.

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What The Credit People Do Best

They work with you to get inaccurate and negative items removed from your credit reports, which may be able to increase your credit score. Past customers have seen an average of a 40-point score gain in the first 4 months and a 70 point average score increase in one year. They also simplify things, having one level of service, so there’s no hard sell or confusion. They also offer a lot of free services to start things off – consultation, score evaluation, credit education, and more.

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Any Negatives?

They are a fairly new company. But that’s about it.

What Others Are Saying

Not a great BBB rating, but it’s due to one complaint, so I won’t ding too hard here.

Our Final Verdict: 9.0/10

I love their website, low price, initial offer, and money back guarantee. They are new, but they should be on your list to if you need credit repair.

  • Experience: Founded in 2002
  • Options: One level of service, free consultation, guarantee, and a low cost initial option.
  • Website: A “fun”, easy website to use.