Lexington Law - Reviewed & Compared


Lexington Law Firm is a law firm that focuses its practices in credit repair and may be able to give you a more personalized road map for improving your credit report so you can work on removing the negative items holding you back. How do they stack up in the credit repair industry? Let’s find out:

Company Overview

Lexington Law Firm is a pioneer in the credit repair industry and has been in business for over a decade. Lexington Law is an actual law firm that utilizes its considerable legal knowledge to help consumers get unfair, inaccurate, and unverified negative items off of their credit reports.

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What Lexington Law Does Best

They have a lot of options spread across their three levels of service so you can find the level that best matches the credit repair benefits you need. From removal of charge offs and other harmful entries to credit intervention, monitoring, and even identity protection they have multiple services to help you along your credit repair journey. Not sure what you need? Let them perform a free consultation. Lastly, we really like the fact that Lexington Law is an actual law firm and is one of the few law firms in the credit repair industry– it simply gives consumers an additional level of confidence.

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Any Negatives?

While their prices are good, they are not the least expensive option out there. But they do have a free consultation, and the fact they are so professional makes me feel like there’s a little “you get what you pay for” here.

What Others Are Saying

I’m seeing 2,400+ reviews (with a 4 out of 5 star average) at bestcompany.com. I find these to be excellent numbers.

Our Final Verdict: 9.8/10

A comprehensive credit repair service consisting of law professionals, Lexington Law should be high on your list of credit repair companies.

  • Experience: Law firm with 27 years of credit repair experience
  • Options: 3 Service Options, plus free consultation
  • Website: Informative, easy to use site