TaxAct - Reviewed & Compared

Founded in 1998, TaxAct lets you file your taxes for up to 30% less than their competitor. Let’s see how they stack up.


Providing the highest degree of accuracy and designed by in-house tax accountants, TaxAct makes DIY tax filing fast, easy and affordable for individuals and small business owners.

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What TaxAct Does Best

Their tax prep products provide easy and comprehensive step-by-step directions to help your file your taxes and get the best possible refund, all without paying a high price. TaxAct guarantees a maximum refund and they back it up with their $100k Accuracy Guarantee.

Return Types and Costs

They have a free simple filer option for dependents, unemployment income, college expenses and retirement income. .Their other levels are Deluxe ($44.95), Premier ($69.95), and Self-Employed ($79.95). They show you what forms you get with each option so you know the right one for you. State returns are $19.95 for all levels.

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Any Negatives?

Their paid levels are a touch higher than other prep products.

Our Final Verdict: 9.4/10

With a free simple filer option, 80 Million returns filed since 2000 and their Maximum Refund Guarantee, TaxAct is a solid choice for an online tax service.

  • Ease of Use: Very simple
  • Price: Free option with many forms
  • Support: Free account and technical support