Reviews collects information from thousands of U.S. tax software partners to help you find the right service and best price — fast! Tax Software can be very confusing not to mention a big decision that requires plenty of research. Our team of experts are here to provide in-depth reviews and comparison notes of the leading nationwide services. Compare and Save!

H&R Block lets you file your taxes for free with more forms available than other services

FreeTaxUSA® delivers what they promise, and are overall the lowest cost online tax filing option we’ve seen, even for complex returns. Definitely check them out.

TurboTax is one of the leading names in tax preparation and filing, and their online service is first rate, especially for consumers who do not need much help.

Liberty Tax’s® pricing and features speak for themselves, and should be on your shopping list for online tax preparation.

E-smart tax® offers a comprehensive and affordable online tax preparation service, with the backing of Liberty Tax’s® brick and mortar locations.”